Life Groups

The questions based on this week's sermon can be found here: Life Group Sermon Questions

Some Life Groups to get plugged into this Fall:

1) Led by Andre' McFarland, Demographic: 20's and 30's, men and women, Fridays.

2) Led by Chris Criel, Demographic: open ages, Women only, Thursday evenings.

3) Led by Ron Criel, Demographic: open adult ages, Men only, Sunday afternoons.

4) Led by Pastor Dave, Demographic: open adult ages, men and women, Thursdays, early evening.

5) Led by Shawn Warner, Demographic: middle age, men and women, Sunday afternoons.

6) Led by James Davies, Demographic: 60+, men and women, Friday evenings.

Further details will be communicated.  Contact: Pastor Dave at 

Part of the DNA of Maywood is life groups; people long to connect to life-changing communities where they can be transformed and empowered to serve Christ and His Kingdom. The purpose of our Life Groups Ministry is to develop deeper Christian relationships through prayer, accountability, encouragement and fellowship.

Our church has three primary types of life groups:

1) Community - centered around Christian relationships.

2) Ministry - centered around a certain affinity or cause.

3) Sunday Morning - groups that meet on Sunday morning:

8:30am Sunday

20's and 30's - Room 111 - Teacher: Kris Johnson

Christian Essentials - Chapel - Teacher: Pastor Dave Currie

10:15am Sunday

Hilltoppers (60+) - Chapel - Teacher: Will Webber

Adult Bible Fellowship - Gymnasium - Teacher: Keith Jeske

Praying Women - Leadership Room - Teacher: Sue Slabaugh

If you would like to get plugged in to a life group, email Pastor Dave: or view the groups and sign up below.

Interested in joining a life group here at Maywood? Fill out this form to get started!