Awana Registration Form 2022-2023 - Maywood Evangelical Free Church


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Child First and Last Name: Birthdate: Grade in school: Club level:

In allowing my child to participate, I give permission for Maywood E. Free Church to use my child’s image (no names) on their website for Ministry purposes.



Although it is our sincere desire to provide a safe environment for our children, we also recognize that accidents can, and sometimes do, happen. If such a situation should occur, our first response will be to contact you, the parent, unless it is a life-threatening injury where it would be wise to seek immediate medical attention. The purpose of this form is to allow us to obtain first aid care for your children if we are unable to contact you.


to receive emergency medical treatment by professional medical personnel in the case of injury or illness while he/she is in the care of Maywood Evangelical Free Church during AWANA.



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