Kids' Events

Maywood Summer 2023 Children’s Ministries

Get ready for a ROYALLY awesome Summer with Maywood Children’s Ministries! We are going to proclaim the Gospel clearly to kids, help them grow in Christ, and have a lot of fun while we do it through “Keepers of the Kingdom” Day Camp, Sunday Mornings, and more!!  We hope to see many of you many times this Summer!!!


d Sunday Morning Faith Factory – At 8:30am and 10:15am for Infants through 5th Grade

Each week, kids are invited to take part in engaging, fun, Bible lessons that are centered on God’s Word and the Gospel message. On the first Sunday of each month, 1st-5th Graders join their parents or guardians in the Service for Family Worship Sunday!

“Anchored Summer” – June 7th – Aug. 23rd on Wednesdays from 6-8pm at Maywood for Completed 3rd Grade Through Completed 5th Grade

A weekly night of games, snacks, and most importantly digging deeper into God’s Word!

(There will be no “Anchored Summer” on July 12th and 19th and on August 9th due to Day Camp and Summer Camp)

Day Camp

Week 1: Jul. 10th – 14th from 9AM-3PM at Maywood

Week 2:  Jul. 17th – 21st from 9AM-3PM at Maywood

For Pre-K (Age 4 by 9/1/23) Through Completed 5th Grade

Focusing on what it means to “put on the full armor of God,” “Keepers of the Kingdom,” will be 2 unique weeksthemed around Ephesians 6:10-18. Your lords and ladies in training will love the dynamic Bible lessons, songs, crafts, science experiments, games, field trips, & so much more! Register, pay and find more info online now at Space is limited!

Summer Camp – Aug. 7th – 11th at Camp Awana for Completed 3rd Grade Through 8th Grade

An overnight week of FUN and learning to love Jesus more – swim in the lake, zoom across the zip line, do crafts, play in the Gym, and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Register, pay and find more info online beginning June 7th at














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