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. ..  Faith Factory is open to all children ages 2 thru 5th grade. (Nursery is provided for 0-2yr. olds)  Service times are 8:30a.m. and 10:15a.m.  Your child is welcome at one or both servicehours.  We pray that your child will feel welcomedand grow in his/her knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Faith Factory   

Each week at 8:30am and 10:15am (Pre-School- 2-5yr. olds): We will continue introducing your precious child to God's Word through the support of Gospel Light and DiscipleLand curriculums, and our amazing teachers!

Coming weeks at 8:30am (1st-5th grade): We are going through a series on how we as Christians should follow God's plan! Teachers: Noah Johnson, Rachel Ekberg, Andrea Young, Pastor Ryan

Coming weeks at 10:15am (1st-5th grade): During the 10:15am service time, the kids are split  into smaller groups for a more personal, Sunday School type setting!

1st Grade: The 1st graders are discussing what Family should look like according to the Bible! Teachers: Bonnie White and Tiffany Callis

2nd-3rd Grade: The 2nd and 3rd graders are covering the life of Jesus, beginning with His birth, and ending with His ressurection and ascension. Teacher: Joell Tanner

4th-5th Grade: The 4th and 5th grade are going through the Old Testament this year! Teacher: Brad Recker