Please fill out the form below to register your child for our winter retreat. One child per form.
I grant permission for said child to participate in Maywood's Winter Retreat to be held at Camp AWANA, in Fredonia, Wisconsin, February 22-24, 2019. I understand that sufficient adult supervision will be provided, and I acknowledge that I have submitted a 2018-2019 Medical Release Form, providing information to be used in the event any medical decisions need to be made.
Camp AWANA Parental Permission for Dispensing Medication
Every parent must fill this out in case of medical emergencies!
I hereby grant permission for the Maywood Retreat Staff to dispense medicine, as indicated below to said camper between Feb. 22-24, 2019. Other over-the-counter medication may be distributed according to packaging guidelines if deemed necessary by Maywood Retreat Staff. Examples: Creams for various rashes or Tums for upset stomach.