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Discipleship is a vital part of the Christian life. Jesus commanded us to "go and make disciples" and we want to make sure that is fulfilled in the lives of those who come to our church. We use six age brackets to guide us in how to most effectively train each person to be a fully devoted Christ-follower. You can click on an age group below to see a PDF on how we train and follow-through with making disciples. The guides start with the basics of Christian life and with each successive age group the level of responsibility and knowledge are greater.


One of the simplest, but most effective ways for us to hold ourselves accountable to effective study is with a simple Reading Plan that takes us through the Bible with a daily reading schedule. Pick a plan individually, with your family, or even with your whole life group. Download, print it out, and keep it in your Bible.


Acts, the Gospels, Pslams, and Proverbs

a quick and easy plan with time for reflection

download plan here

Biblical Literature

each day you read a different type of literature - entire Bible

download plan here

Book at a Time

you read the Bible a book at a time - entire Bible

download plan here

download large print plan here

New Testament

read one chapter of the New Testament every day

download plan here

download large print plan here

Old Testament

read through the whole Old Testament

download plan here