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Upcoming Activities

Kid's Christmas Musical Come watch our kid's program during the 8:30 or 10:15am worship services on Sunday, December 9th!
free event Drop and Shop Drop your kids off at church while you go shopping for Christmas presents on Friday, December 14, 5-9pm. Sign up in the Faith Factory. For kids in kindergarten through 5th grade.
Christmas Concert Enjoy great music and drama to celebrate the Christmas season. Sunday, December 16 at 4pm in the Worship Center. Free admission, so invite your friends and family!
Candlelight Service The Christmas Eve Service is on Monday, December 24 at 4pm in the Worship Center. Come for this special time to celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior!


Men's Ministry Leaders

  • Pastor Dave Currie - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Head Usher

  • Allan White

Women's Ministry Leader

  • Rose Edwards

Mom2Mom Coordinator

  • Abbey Wong - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Financial Team

  • Keenan Beere (Elder/Treasurer) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Solomon Foley - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Carol Hines
  • Gary Kniseley (Pastoral Rep) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Kent Ogden - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Becky Goffinet
  • Millie Nelson
  • Ellen Hook
  • Bonnie White


  • Tom Andrews
  • David Berg
  • Bob Fine
  • Solomon Foley
  • George Peacock
  • Loyal Slaughter
  • Allan White

Mission's Committee

  • Sandy Bell
  • Tim Carpenter
  • Richard King
  • Pastor Gary Kniseley
  • Jill Lundstrom
  • Doug Sutton
  • Ed Traum
  • Jody Warner
  • Ethan Zentz (Chair) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Membership at Maywood

When an individual is saved, he becomes a member of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:13). Because he is united to Christ and the other members of the body in this way, he is therefore qualified to become a member of a local expression of that body. Although Scripture does not contain an explicit command to formally join a local church, the biblical foundation for church membership permeates the New Testament.

Membership Classes are offered several times each year. In our Membership Class you will learn about our church's history, the Evangelical Free Church of America, our statement of faith and core values, and the direction of Maywood to become a people who reach people for Christ.


Believers' Baptism

In our Baptism Preparedness Class, you will explore what baptism is, a brief history of baptism in the Bible, as well as who may be baptized, when one is to be baptized, and where and how one is to be baptized. We as a church believe that baptism should be by immersion, and in this class you will learn some of the reasons behind that belief. These classes and baptism services are offered several times throughout the year. A special time is our summer baptism at the river and all-church picnic.

Discipling Growth Triangle

The DISCIPLING growth triangle is a visual tool that directs us in evaluating our spiritual growth. It assists us in understanding what we do to fulfill the mission God has called us to accomplish. Each of the five tiers builds on the one below; and, in order to progress up to the next level, we must be involved in the previous steps. As reflected in our Core Values, prayer undergirds and permeates each level of growth.

Step 1: Participating in Sunday Worship Celebrations...Being part of Maywood’s uncompromising commitment to preach and teach the Word of God, worshipping Him together in multiple venues.

Step 2: Connecting to a Life Group...The body of Christ is all about relationships, namely, with Jesus Christ and with one another. These relationships are enriched at MEFC through children’s classes (Faith Factory) and Life Groups. They are an integral part of the church’s DNA. Life Groups are open in various forms and venues throughout the week and on weekends. The core components for each Life Group are Scripture, Prayer, Care, Fellowship, and Outreach.

MEFC’s Life Groups exist in three main types: (1) Ministry Life Groups, that primarily meet at the church during the week; (2) Community Life Groups, that meet mainly in neighborhood homes throughout the week; and (3) Sunday Morning Life Groups.

Step 3: Serving the church, community and world...Spiritual gifts are special abilities that the Holy Spirit gives believers to accomplish the work of the ministry. Often these gifts become apparent as we get involved in serving. We also seek to connect you to an area of ministry in which your spiritual gifts can be utilized and you can leave a legacy of service. Through the year we have classes to teach and help identify spiritual gifts that people may have.

Step 4: Sharing the Gospel...Evangelism means “sharing the good news.” God has given us the gift of knowing Christ; all Christians have the responsibility to give the gift away by sharing Him with others, especially our neighbors. At Maywood evangelism is informal and relationship-driven. It is not a program, but a life-style. Ongoing classes in evangelism training can be taken throughout the year.

Step 5: Disciple-making...As we build on each of the previous steps, we will be committed to intentional discipleship. That is, investing ourselves in the lives of others by helping them grow in their walk with Christ. Our ultimate goal is to reproduce ourselves in next generation leaders who will impact our world locally, regionally and globally!

We have many special events going on in 2018, here are some of them:

  • September

    2nd: Faith Factory begins
    5th: Awana begins
  • October

    5-7th: Women's Retreat
    5-7th: High School Fall Retreat
    19/20th: Middle School Lock-in
    28th: Harvest Fest, 4pm
  • November

    11th: Annual Praise & Progress Meeting
    12th: Creation Trip to Chicago
    18th: Thanksgiving Meal Collection
    18th: Thanksgiving Concert, 6pm
    21st: Thanksgiving Eve Service, 7pm
  • December

    9th: Kid's Christmas Program, both services
    14th: Kid's Drop and Shop
    16th: Christmas Concert, 4pm
    23rd: Friend Day
    24th: Candlelight Service, 4pm


  • January

    4-6th: Middle School Winter Retreat
    20th: Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
    20th: Financial Peace University starts
    25-27th: High School Winter Retreat
  • February

    15-16th: Valentine's Fundraiser
    22-24th: Club 45 Arctic Blast
  • March

    15-17th: Men's Retreat
  • April

    19th: Good Friday Service, Baptism, and Communion - 7pm
    20th: Easter Egg Hunt - 10am
    21st: Easter Sunday
  • May

    1st: Awana Awards Night - 6pm
    19th: Choir Concert - 6pm
  • June

    1st: Baptism and Picnic - 11am
    2nd: Graduation Sunday
    10-14th: Maywood Summer Camp
    22nd: Youth Leadership Golf Outing
  • July

    19-20th: Fishing and Camping Trip
    22-26th: Summer Day Camp
    27th: Evangelism Project Day
  • August

    3rd: Evangelism Project Day
    17th: Men's Prayer Breakfast, 9am
  • September

    1st: Faith Factory begins
    4th: Awana begins
  • October

    4-6th: Women's Retreat
    11-13th: High School Fall Retreat
    18-19th: Middle School Lock-in
    27th: Harvest Fest, 4pm
  • November

    10th: Annual Praise & Progress Meeting
    24th: Thanksgiving Concert, 6pm
    27th: Thanksgiving Eve Service, 7pm
  • December

    8th: Kid's Christmas Program, both services
    15th: Christmas Concert - 4pm
    22nd: Friend Day
    24th: Candlelight Service, 4pm
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