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 01:58:14 PM (UTC)
 Judy and Wayne Diehl

Our Unborn Grandchild
Our daughter, Bekah, and her husband, Shannon, live in remote western South Dakota and are expecting their long-awaited first child in December. They had a 20 week ultrasound yesterday and learned that their child is severely deformed. Its organs have formed outside its body and its spine is misshapen. (I use the term "its" because they were not able to determine the gender.)  The doctor said he was surprised that she had not already miscarried and that if the child is born it will have a very short life.  They are devastated, and we are heartbroken with them. Of course, God is the one in control and can work a miracle if He so chooses. They have been referred to a specialist in Sioux Falls, SD and have an appointment there Tuesday afternoon, the 25th. Wayne and I are going to drive to Sioux Falls on Monday and meet them there to show our love and support. We will come home on Wednesday. We do not understand this, but we trust God. This is His child whom He loves. God does not make mistakes. Please pray for safety for all as we all drive 8+ hours, for wisdom for the doctors, for comfort and strength to face whatever lies ahead.